Bianca Joanna Photography



Hi, I’m Bianca and I’m here to tell your story. I am a motherhood, maternity and family photographer. 

What inspires me?

Motherhood. The strength of women and my own story. As a highly sensitive person I let myself be, see, hear every detail that surrounds us and when you choose me as your photographer I make sure to bring with me all that I am and capture all your love and your passion for what and who you love. I am a hard believer that at the edge of our vulnerabilities is where we can find our own selves and that is what I live for, documenting - your raw, authentic, vulnerable story.

I love being the mother of my children and spending quality time with them.

This business is my third baby and it helped me when I was really down. I always felt like I couldn't find my purpose professionally. I changed my university degree from Pharmacy to Psychology to end up doing none of them.

My husband, who is my biggest supporter, gifted me a camera when our first child was born and everything started to get better. As a Highly Sensitive Person most of my life I felt this is a burden, but now I take all the good parts of it and project it in my work. My photos are emotive because I am myself very sensitive, emphatic and emotive and I can capture this in all the people that choose me as a photographer. 

If you are a deep thinker and detail lover, we are meant to be. I am a strong believer in the empowering strength of women and my purpose is to guide my skills into transforming your real you into a memory that you can see and feel on paper. You are fearless, you are strong, you are beautiful.

I have experience working with neurodivese families and people with disabilities, having a background in Special Education. I would love to keep in touch and find the best way to capture you and your family. 

Feeling safe is important for me, so I have the following checks done:

NDIS worker check

Vulnerable person check

National Crime Police check 

Working with children check

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