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Nurture & Mindful Motherhood

Who we are

Nurture & Mindful Motherhood is a space that offers facilitated mothers groups, workshops & events surrounding woman's health, pregnancy, birth, postnatal and parenting. We work alongside other health & wellbeing professionals and industry leaders who join us to share our evidence based information, education, support and guidance. 

Our mission is to create an intimate, safe & nurturing space for you to join. We create a space providing a healthy mix between holistic & evidence based information and resources to allow mothers to feel held, nurtured & nourished. Whilst navigating this new realm of motherhood in their raw, real, honest & sleep-deprived self. 

This allows a mother to feel heard, accepted and valued in a non-judgemental environment, whilst supporting her to find her self, since becoming a mother. Making all the difference to a mama's confidence, integrity & motherhood experience.

We hold everything in confidence during our sessions, workshops & events. We pride ourselves upon our ability to give you the support that we know you so deeply desire, from us as your facilitators and other industry leaders.

This space is yours to create connections and friendships that will only deepen as the weeks go by and beyond. This connection is powerful and invaluable and we believe that every mother deserves to experience this connectedness and support.

We welcome all mama's who've had a baby in the past 8 months. Open to not just first time mums but anyone who is experiencing this journey at any stage for the 2nd (3rd or more) time around.


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