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Mellow Moments Baby Massage

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Who we are

Welcome to Mellow Moments Baby Massage

I'm Caroline and I’m a Paediatric Massage Consultant (PMC) certified by Infant Message Information Service (IMIS). As a PMC I am able to teach other health professionals as a health professional myself, parents and caregivers about the benefits and all the other wonderful things that infant massage can provide.

My goal is to share the safe techniques, concepts and knowledge to help you settle and soothe your baby adding to your parenting toolbox, plus educate professionals who can support and advocate infant massage.

My health professional background for the last 20 years is in the field of Paediatric and Neonatal Nursing and I am currently still working as a nurse in the neonatal field. Through nursing many neonates, I am privileged to of witnessed many positive touch experiences and see the benefits first hand for the babies and parents. From here my inspiration and motivation was created to become a PMC, it seemed a perfect fit.

You can learn infant massage with Mellow Moments with your baby from 6 weeks of age to pre crawling in the following ways :

1) 4 week courses

Provided within the community in Southern Adelaide and provides opportunities to meet other mums, create connections, share experiences and carves out some valuable time to learn a new skill to help you settle and tune into your baby. Each week is broken down into some practical and theory allowing time for your baby to become accustomed to massage and for you to practice at home what you have learned step by step.

2) 1:1 tailored/ general home visits if you prefer not to attend a group or if there is something specific that your baby is struggling with for example wind, colic and constipation. Home visits makes it easier for dads to learn, the home environment maybe more relaxed and opportunities to involve siblings to facilitate bonding may be your preference

3) Attend private/community mother’s groups- If you have a group of friends with babies who are keen to learn infant massage and would like to host at your house or a venue I can facilitate this. I also am a guest speaker at various other mothers groups across Adelaide

I will use a demonstration doll and have spare dolls for you to practice the techniques on if your baby is asleep or not accepting massage during the sessions. My courses are baby led and supports the notion of 'Infant massage is something you do with your baby not to your baby'

If you think Infant massage could benefit you and your baby, Id love to hear from you.

Caroline x


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