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Kirstie Maddocks Mama Mentor

Who we are

Hi, I’m Kirstie, I'm a Mama, Midwife, Motherhood Mentor & Intuitive Healer.

My specialty & passion is supporting Mothers to transition through the messy parts of motherhood, when you're feeling lost and questioning your identity within yourself.

Through using a variety of support offerings and modalities like NLP, Mama Rising (Matrescence training) & Womb Healing, allows me to support a woman to feel safe & confident to unravel and re-discover herself once more since having a baby.

Drawing upon my 12+ years experience as a Midwife and personal experience as a mother myself, I know exactly where you're at and understand how the system and society have let you down. So I'm here to provide holistic, evidence based care that supports you and your growing family. Allowing you to feel empowered and more confident within your mothering.


I offer a range of supports to suit your needs.

1: Motherhood Mentoring

Where we work intimately for 1,3 or 6 months together.

Supporting you to reclaim your identity +/or work through any challenges that you're being faced with, in your motherhood journey. I use my Mama Rising (Matrescence) facilitator training and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) training to support you to change your unconscious mindset, re-calibrate to your needs and re-learning how to show compassion to yourself in this time of immense change.

This support is also recommended if you are having difficulties with conceiving, or coming to terms with your birthing experience.


2: The Awakened Mother

Is my signature 6 week group program that is designed to support you as a woman and allow you to awaken to yourself since becoming a mother.

We journey through 6 key topics, that will enhance your connection to self, create better relationships, allow you to bring joy back into your life and recalibrate your system to support not only you, but your children too!

A perfect way to also connect with other likeminded mothers and feel supported, as often we feel lonely in our motherhood journey.


3: Womb Healing

Womb Healing is as the title suggests. It's a beautiful energetic modality of reconnecting to yourself, honouring where you're at, healing parts of you that are no longer required to take up space in your body, mind & soul and creating space for your divine essence to expand.

This is a special modality that I offer to a range of women who are:

*On their Fertility/Conception journey

*Having difficulties with processing their birth experiences & fear of becoming pregnant after those experiences

*Menstrual cycle imbalances

*Difficulties with connecting to the feminine/sensual essence of themselves

Throughout our 2 hour session together, we energetically journey together to reconnect you to your womb, clear any stored & unprocessed emotions/events, allowing you to feel reconnected and more at peace with yourself and your experiences.


4: Nurture & Mindful Mothers Groups

Each term I co-facilitate a supportive 8 week mothers group, to bring mothers together, create a safe, non-judgmental & nurturing space for you to come and be just as you are.

We have a beautiful variety of guest speakers that join us for 6 of the weeks, to expand your community connection, along with learning valuable tips and resources that will support you in your motherhood journey.

It is truly a space like no other, as we have a divine balance between holistic and evidence based support, empowering you to choose what works best for you and your family.

Across 2 locations in Adelaide

Once & Again Cafe - Plympton Park

Yoga Nation - Port Noarlunga South


I'd love to hear from you if any of my offerings are of interest to you.

Or check out my website for more details.










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