Huge News!


We are overwhelmed that in just over 3 months we have reached over 100k people through organic means across our Mamalaide platform and social accounts. We have been inundated with good news stories, networking opportunities, business development and gifted over $10k in Giveaways! 

Our founders vision was positioning to help parents with a solution, building a network of suppliers and establishing community that’s more relatable for families.

We have arrived at another location to set anchor: We now have the opportunity to open our door nationally (motherhood has no borders) this has always been part of the vision but to ensure we had set a firm foundation and team going forward.

Why now? 

We have made a few waves in this space already, catching the attention of suppliers, services and families continuing with the momentum. The opportunities are forthcoming for the platform and our current community will benefit wholeheartedly under their current subscriptions.

How will this look? 

As of today a user IP will identify which state users are in or they can select a state on screen. Each state will have information/giveaways respective of their state.

More exciting news!

Although this is an extremely exciting time, we have decided to transition as a brand to be easily understood and to help position ourselves nationally from Mamalaide to Mamaly. Our South Australian community will continue to have Mamalaide referenced content made with love in Adelaide. 

This is HUGE and we couldn’t do this without our community, as we continue to support families when they need it most, through their pregnancy, brith and continued parenting journey. 

Official National Launch - 2023 

Warmest Regards

Mamaly Team

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