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Take better photos on your phone

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If I was to scroll through your Camera Roll, what would I see?

When I became a mum, I felt I had to capture everything… every giggle, every smile, every milk-drunk moment. I was scared that it would pass me by, and those precious moments would be lost. I was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of photographs on my Camera Roll – 20,000 and counting – mostly poor quality, blurry and so many the same. I never even thought of printing them or putting them in a frame.

I’ve spent years learning how to apply my professional photography skills to my iPhone. My Camera Roll? To be fair, it’s still got a few too many pictures of my kids on it, but they are vibrant, beautiful photographs, ready for me to print to a photobook or hang on the wall.

And I’m going to teach you my tricks.

Because honestly? There’s enough for mums to think about without feeling #mumguilt because you haven’t kept their baby milestone book up to date; or worrying that those early months are flying past you and you’re not capturing enough goos and gahs and first smiles and cheeky giggles; or getting that pesky ‘iPhone Storage Full’ message at the crucial photographic moment because your Camera Roll is so overloaded.

You can create memories your children will cherish for a lifetime… the family photos that will be on display at his 21st; the album she shares with her grandkids as she talks about her life growing up. These memories truly are a gift for your family forever.

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