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@sayhooray Hi! I’m Dasha! I am a paediatric Speech Pathologist that is passionate about working with littlies. I started my...

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How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

Are you worried if your little one is getting enough sleep? You're not alone - let me help you decode the ‘recommended’ sleep...

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Official Launch Party

A memorable moment.. We finally did it! Officially launching our digital platform alongside over 100 community guests. It was a...

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Vintage Chef Co

Make your life a little easier with our freshly made, chef quality meals. Pick up or delivered weekly. Let us fill your heart,...

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Dr. Tiffany De Sousa Machado

@village_foundation Tiffany is a mother with 23 years experience in sales, marketing, and executive training. As a workshop...

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Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics

@gemmavendetta Gemma Vendetta began after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2007. MS as it's affectionately known is a...

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